3 Ninja Leadership Moves

3 Ninja Leadership Moves

3 Ninja Leadership Moves

A Ninja Leader knows when to go onto the offensive and can also defend vigorously. Ninjas are well versed in the art dealing with all kinds of people and always have their eyes on the prize, excellence.

Here are some Ninja-style Leadership moves to change up performance in the people around you.

Warning: Do not try these moves without deep combat Ninja Training. *

Compliant Ninja Leader (defence)

This Ninja knows that rules and regulations are important: therefore Compliant Ninja ensures compliance with the rules and regulations in a way that doesn’t interfere with results. There is no way that you will see this Ninja running around ensuring compliance at the last moment, unlike his non-ninja counterparts. They are scrabbling to read the regulations when audit time rolls around.

Health and Safety audits are a breeze for this Ninja because they practice H&S compliance every day, not just at audit time. An example of this is that H&S will always be the first item on every weeks’ operational meeting, noting every observable H&S issue for the records. It’s quick, easy and compliant. Best of all, it doesn’t interfere with the performance of the team and it signals up how important H&S really is, rather than paying lip service to this important issue.

Surprise Ninja Leader (attack)

This Ninja pops up unexpectedly in all areas of the business. They don’t wait for an excuse to visit the R&D department: they just turn up unannounced and move from area to area smiling and paying attention to the scene around them. This Ninja wants to observe and listen. They observe who is working and focused on their work when they arrive and those who are not. People will be surprised and some will be slightly embarrassed in that moment, but that’s ok. If they are, that’s a good thing. A Ninja can spot who is working and those who are faking it, but only when the environment is relaxed and people think the boss isn’t around.

This is not a new concept. Tom Peters called it “MBWA” (Managing By Wandering About) in his brilliant work “In Search of Excellence”

Network Ninja Leader ( attack and defence)

The Network Ninja knows that success lies in the quality of relationships that they can build within the organisation in order to get things done when their team’s backs are against the wall. They also know that this takes time, energy and a large amount of skill.

They will pave the road with good intentions during the good times when The Network Ninja has the time and resources to help other departments. The Network Ninja and the team will never use the word “no” when dealing with other departments. Ninja Leader Customers never hear that word anyway.

The Network Ninja will “pay it forwards” rather than “paying back”.They practice the key persuasive skill of reciprocity. “If I do something nice for you, you are almost duty-bound to repay me up to the perceived value in kind”

Dangerous Ninja Leader (offence)

This Ninja keeps the competition off balance whenever possible and knows the strengths and weaknesses of all their adversaries. They admire their strengths and seek to improve their own strengths to combat this. They are fully aware of competitor weaknesses and will have a plan for each of them. These plans will form part of the sales and marketing strategy or operations areas of the business.

The competition only knows Dangerous Ninja and they are guarded in their presence. Respect from Dangerous Ninja can have a flattering effect, designed to drop their guard and allow Dangerous Ninja to gain valuable information about current competitor moves.

*These Ninja moves are only for experienced Leaders who are confident in themselves and their team. Do not try these moves without deep combat Ninja Training. You know where to come for that.

Have a great week!



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