3 Ways To Really Get Their Attention

All types of training are usually fun and rewarding, however there are times when techniques are needed to keep everything on track.

For example, it’s not always easy to get someone to pay attention to you when you most need his or her focus. In a team situation, with people talking and working away at their tasks, this becomes doubly hard to achieve. Here are three dead-cert ways you will get their attention.

Use Silence Teachers have long known the power of silence when a group of pupils won’t stop talking. Focus your attention on those who aren’t listening and, just like magic, they will realise that no one is talking and they should stop. Eye contact can be a powerful weapon in the communication stakes.

Repeat Their Name Instead of losing your cool, repeat the person’s name until they focus on you. This takes courage to remain cool and steady, even though you feel slighted and put down by their behaviour. You may consider slightly raising your tone or even modulating your voice to create difference in the room. Don’t back down, or give up, remain steady and you will get their attention.

Tip: Use their full name & you’ll tap into childhood memories of parents calling them when they were in trouble!

Make a Dramatic Entrance Don’t be early to the meeting, be last and make a dramatic entrance to ensure everyone knows you have arrived. Be energetic when walking through the door, sweep into the room. Smile broadly and make eye contact with everyone in the room, if possible. Maintain your energetic style to begin the meeting, setting a great tone and pace for what is to follow.

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