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The core of his success lies in the relationships he has with his players. He knows them intimately to the point where he knows how to get the very best from them. How he does this is very straightforward however his methods are hard to replicate. He forms strong bonds with the key characters in the club. This includes the back room staff as well as the Board of Directors. He knows, through bitter experience, how it is when relationships at Board level go wrong. He also knows that his success is built upon creating a winning back room team that will get the results on the pitch.

Talent Management

He is very clear about the talent he wants, knows the talent he already has and is clear about how that talent is best deployed to get the right result. Talent management is as much about creating an environment for players to grow and a culture that ensures that people can collaborate as it is about developing skills. He recently sold Mata to Manchester United for a record fee because this talented individual did not fit his plans. Any other manager would have kept the player in their squad because of the talent. He sold him because he wasn’t the right fit, not because of his talent.

Winning Attitude

He has core beliefs and he develops these throughout his team. He knows that the game is mainly won and lost in the mind. His methods for getting everyone to have a winning attitude will be kept to himself, however I can throw some light onto some of his ways.


Beliefs are everything. It guides our perception of current events. It transforms our performance, in good resourceful ways and also the very opposite, bad unhelpful ways. Jose forms outstanding outcomes (goals) at the start of each season through a mix of visualisation, conversation and meditation. He will play out the season (and each match) in his mind, until he is sure that this is how it is going to be.

His mind-set will be very positive, because he has trained his mind to solidify his thoughts and banish thoughts that undermine his confidence. He will ensure that every single one of the players in his squad has the very same mind-set. If they don’t, then they are out. See Mata story above. His confidence, some say arrogance, stems from his beliefs. He asks players to believe in him therefore he must show the same belief in himself. It’s that simple.

So, if you want to manage your talent more effectively or create a winning attitude, you would be wise to pick up his books, or look at his player’s autobiographies. There is gold in there, if you know what to look for.

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