Blow Down Those Organisation Barriers

This is the season for bad weather and parts of the Americas are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Our best wishes are with everyone who has suffered the effects of bad weather and hope that you get back on your feet soon.

The bad weather blowing away large structures was breathtaking and humbling. It got me thinking about organisation barriers to performance. Leaders and managers don’t often think about the issues that affect individual performance from a system or organisation view.

Culture plays a huge part in the decisions people make, day in, day out. A “blame culture” will hinder any efforts to “empower” people. They will smile sweetly and still get you to sign off documents of any importance.

When we divisionalise, the fence posts go up and organisation performance will suffer. Finance becomes the “sales prevention department”, Operations says that quality suffers because sales take orders for special goods all the time. All of a sudden, the organisation acts as though it has five heads, because it has created those five heads in the boardroom.

The antidote to this malaise is as elegant as it is simple. It is as complex as it is easy to remember. The answer works at many levels. In order to blow away those organisation fences everyone has to do just one thing:

Put the Customer at the centre of your thinking.

We all have customers, right? If you are in National or local government and regardless of the department you work in, we all have them.

If everyone asks: “What is in my customer’s best interests right now?” Organisation fences would cease to exist. Customer needs would be met quicker, with minimum fuss, without infighting or egos being trampled on. Customer focus can delete the past, create a brighter future without the pain of many change programmes.

Why? Because it makes sense to everyone, even the cynics.

Take care

Mervyn Murray

These days you can find me on: YouTube: MervynMurray in search Twitter: @mervynmurray Email: Website: Putting: Mervyn Murray or MASTERi in your search engine

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