Congratulations to Rafa Nadal who has added the US Open tennis championships to his long list of achievements. Regular readers will know that I like to link topical subjects with leadership and Rafa demonstrates bucket-loads of leadership each time he plays.

What is “Bouncebackability”? This is the ability to put the pain of personal and professional setbacks behind you and get back to peak performance as quickly as possible. People who have this ability have the following traits:

They have an unwavering belief in their talent to come through the darkest days and triumph once more.

They hold onto what it feels like to be successful and work tirelessly to get that feeling back in their life.

They take baby steps at first and then build upon those successes to take bigger strides further down the road.

They recognise their trajectory, not their speed or location right now.

They are powerfully optimistic and visualise success when and where it will happen.

They set challenging but achievable goals for themselves.

What can you do to develop “Bouncebackability”? Build. Construct a compelling goal to achieve, one that will set you on fire! Make sure you put a timeframe on the achievement of that goal and that it is realistic for you to achieve. A great goal is one that is stretching for you, but not so stretching that you will break! Write the goal up somewhere you will see it every day.

Develop. What does it feel like to achieve that goal? Hold onto that feeling of achievement every time you see you goal statement. It is this feeling that will motivate you towards your goal.

Decide. What do you need to do to achieve that goal? Put this into order of priority and list where you will need help or support.

Act. Put in your first steps, no matter how small. Do it now, no excuses. Remember, a march of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Locate Excellence. Look outwards for excellence in those areas you need to know about. Go there and look into what it is they do that makes them excel.

Communicate. Tell people about your goal. Talk frequently about it and develop your ideas further by talking your issues through with people. Make the goal as real as possible through painting a vision with words, or with paint!

Celebrate. Put in some milestones along the way so that you maintain motivation and momentum through celebrating the achievement of that milestone.

Have fun and a great week.


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