Develop Your Star Competencies

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What is a competency? A competency is the skills, experience, knowledge and observable behaviours that we use to do a job or task. According to Daniel Goleman, there are two types of competencies: Threshold Star

Threshold competencies make the person good enough to do the job or task.

Star competencies are those that, if done well, will enable the person to excel at the job or task.

In a leadership context, star competencies would be: Listening Feedback Observation Assertiveness Conflict Handling Decision-making under pressure

You can identify the competencies you need and use this model throughout your organisation to develop the needed skills and behaviours required for success.

You can use them when: Recruiting and selecting Appraising Performance Identifying and Developing Talent

In this way, everyone can focus one the right skills, experience and behaviours to develop their performance and rise up the organisation quicker and more effectively.

Measuring competencies gives us clarity on progress. Benchmarking our performance against the very best will give an external context to our performance in a global market.

Measuring competencies is not straight forward, there are issues to consider, such as: Defining star competencies you need now and in the future Measuring effectively Measuring consistently across the organisation Communicating the benefits Training

Finally, we need to consider management time to execute competency management effectively. What should they give up in order to create enough time to deliver?

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