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HR professionals already know the questions your team are asking themselves that go unanswered by you, their boss. The trouble is, you are too busy with the day-to-day to be worrying about such mundane soft issues such as questions. You have a lot to do and your team knows this fact. They also know that you have responsibilities, lots of them too. Your time is limited-no scratch that-it’s precious. They don’t want to bother you with trivia. There is one question that they would like to know from you, but they don’t like to ask.

They don’t like to ask, because they think you might consider their question unimportant. It certainly isn’t urgent, that’s for sure. They don’t ask you because it just doesn’t seem appropriate to ask. They should not be the one’s doing the asking, after all, you are the boss. The question is: How am I doing? Or how are we doing?

Now, you may think that you cover this already at appraisal time and you would be correct. But once or twice a year isn’t enough. One way to know whether your team have this question answered is this:

When was the last time you thought about the motivation of your team? What did you do? Was it a one-off? Was it through “an event”? Or do you regularly and frequently go over the motivation of your team and individuals on a one to one basis? You may think that your team is functioning well. You aren’t experiencing any problems. You may live and work by an old saying: “Don’t try and fix something that’s not broken”

You may also say to your team: “Consider you are doing ok, if you aren’t, I’ll let you know.”

If you are thinking this way, then you probably experience a lot of surprises regarding people. You will get many people just “blowing up” on you, or resigning “out-of-the-blue”. These are the symptoms of a manager who addresses people issues only when required to do so by HR, or by circumstances.

If you want a better handle on your people-issues, then answer the questions your team are asking themselves. It won’t be an easy conversation sometimes, however this is where the gold is and you should be digging where the gold is, unless you need the exercise.

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