Effective Delegation: The Answer

Effective Delegation: The Answer Last week, I challenged you all to come up with the effective way to delegate. I even bet £1,000 worth of Training, Coaching and Consultancy that no one would be able to come up with it. I am right! There hasn’t been a winner. Some good attempts, though and I thank all of you who took the time and trouble to have a go.

First, let’s define effective delegation: Effective Delegation is when a leader charges a subordinate with the authority to take decisions within defined areas of responsibility. The leader is still accountable. Here’s the process to do this effectively: 1. Decide what to delegate 2. Decide whom to delegate to 3. Interview to assess willingness 4. Additional responsibility needed 5. Provide resources 6. Additional training and experience needed (dates) 7. Decide target date for full acceptance 8. Set standards 9. Review job descriptions 10. Monitor progress (stewardship interviews) 11. Give support and recognition

I have been “delegated” to many times in my work life, however I never thought of it as “delegation”. Why is this? There is one reason for this:

I am already a busy person who really only thinks about what I’ve just been given to do as “more work”.

Because of this, I rarely got any of the benefits of delegation. You know the type of benefits I’m talking about: Being stretched Opportunity to make bigger decisions More motivated because of the added responsibilities

I could list more, however you get the idea. And the reason I didn’t get these benefits is because my boss didn’t interview me for willingness. They just assumed that I would want to do it, with all the benefits left unsaid. The other assumption is that I had enough resources to do the task. Time is the number one resource that there is never enough of.

Most busy managers miss out step 3 and lose all the effectiveness of their delegation as a result.

In the meantime, I’ll think about another challenge for you.

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