Ethical Motivation vs Manipulation

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At one end of the scale you have out-and-out bullying with ethical persuasion at the polar opposite. From the selfish manager who just uses her team to get whatever it is that they want to the passive-aggressive who undermines your confidence to mould you into a jelly to get their way and they want it now! This corporate world is filled with managers and leaders who got where they wanted to get to by treading on other’s heads and if that’s what it takes to stay there, then so-be-it!

But the world is changing. People know more than they ever have done and, if they don’t, can usually surf the answer fairly quickly. People aren’t the endlessly compliant servants of the corporate machine continuously placing their own needs below that of their boss. Manipulative behaviour becomes toxic and pervades the emotional space, de-motivating and debilitating the inhabitants for the short-term gains of the person in charge.

Ethical persuasion aligns the needs of the team with the needs of the business. This organisation knows that it starts with recruitment and selection of the best fit for the culture, not the most qualified or the most attractive candidate in CV terms.

Here’s a quick guide to move towards Ethical Motivation:

1. Get your guiding team together to discuss the changes required

2. Talk to them about their motivation needs, where the organisation meets and exceeds and where there might be gaps.

3. Review your talent management strategy and take a holistic approach towards building a meaningful career-path for your star performers.

4. Put an action plan together and use your guiding team to drive the changes required.

5. Put down measurements of where you are now and targets for where you want to go.

6. Remember, if there are major changes required, run a pilot first before rolling out everywhere.

7. Never ever take off without a pilot.

8. Make it challenging and applaud wins energetically.

9. Support, support, support with a smile.

Have your best week ever

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