Everyone’s In Sales Now

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Sometimes, I will ask a group of participants if any of them are in sales. Very few hands will go up and most often, no one will own up to being a salesperson. I have a belief that everyone should consider themselves as part of the sales team and be on the lookout for opportunities to increase sales. I happen to think that the days are long gone when people can avoid representing their organisation positively to everyone they meet and look for opportunities to increase sales. From van drivers through to directors, I repeat, everyone is in sales.

Even those who are in the public sector should find ways to be proactive about promoting your work to your customers so that the value that you add is there for everyone to know and see. I strongly believe that managers should think about marketing their work and networking effectively.

How? Decide who should know about your work. This could be more than just your immediate boss, but also other stakeholders such as peers in other departments.

You should think about your contribution towards the organisation newsletter. The person who puts this together will love you forever! Not only that, you will raise your profile and get noticed in ways that you will never know about.

Get to know people in sales and marketing and start to understand the issues that they face that you might be in a position to contribute the answers.

Find outlets such as websites, blogs and twitter that are interested in what you do.

Put your work out there for others to see and comment upon.

Finally, here is a radical thought for you: Go and see customers on a regular basis, with the sales team or without. Go and discover what it is that your organisation does that they value and also what can be changed.

Have your best week ever

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