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Is it a good thing to put off a decision? If so, when? How do we know that the time is not yet right to decide? Are we being hesitant for the right reasons, or just risk averse?

It is always good to check that there are no personal issues of time management at play.

Being risk-averse is ok, so long as it doesn’t tip over into “comfort zone only” behaviour.

It is at this point we should listen to our gut instinct, intuition or emotions, if you prefer. Your brain will be tapping away  at you, trying to get your attention.

However, most of our time when we are awake is usually consumed with activities that remove us from the messages our brain is trying to send.

Complex problems that require our attention, can sometimes be resolved by putting them on the back-burner to be mulled over and considered by your sub-conscious.

Trusting your brain is better than any “technique” I could give you.

Your brain will intuitively drive deep into the issue, consider all the available options that it has picked up through the experience and knowledge gained by you over the years.

Quietly and efficiently it will continue to search, sift and evaluate data, options and possibilities. Your brain will consider consequences and consequences of those consequences and so on……doing this without conscious referral to you. It will work tirelessly and not bother to let you know that it is working hard on your problem.

There is a catch. Parking the issue doesn’t work. If you are consciously fretting or worrying about it, this won’t work.You have to trust yourself that you will work it out this way. Trying to think will not work. Contrary to this, it will hinder your efforts if you try hard to think!

You have to put it to the back of your mind literally and “give it” to your brain to solve. Give your brain a name, if this will help. I give my problems to Brian the Brain.

Then I relax, I have now put the issue in the very best of places to arrive at the right result.

Call to Action

The next time you have a complex problem or decision to make, “give it” to your brain.

Do it as often as you can!

Have your best week ever

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