Good Isn't Good Enough

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Good isn’t Good Enough

Ever run across a good person who has lost their job? Have you ever met someone who is a thoroughly nice person and yet they are alone? They were good to their spouse, but are now divorced? Welcome to the brave new world where *good* isn’t good enough anymore.In business, customers have so much more choice these days as to where they can spend their hard-earned cash. It’s easy enough to find alternatives. There is plenty of competition for our business and services.

What else? If *good* isn’t good enough, then what else is there? There are plenty of people who are below average, right? It makes sense that *good* should be ok. However, the game has changed. I think that we are living in a new world of choice and plenty. There are now 7bn people in the world, all will be competing for jobs, wives and husbands, boyfriends, girl friends, houses, holidays, cars, everything!

To succeed in today’s world, we have to be.. wait for it… (drum roll please)


If you want to be *good*, or average these days, then you are settling for a below-average life. In order to settle, it infers that we are going down and slowing down. Here are a few things we can do to be outstanding:

Unleash Take the brakes off. Take some risks and dare differently. Being different is to be outstanding. What’s your uniqueness? Take away the blinkers and look around at your fellow workers. Dare to be better than them. Do more. Contribute without fear. Fail often. Get up and fail again. Failing isn’t failure. Pain is just failure leaving the body. Unleash your potential, I dare you.

Show up I don’t mean turn up for work. I mean SHOW UP. Bring energy and enthusiasm to your work and relationships at work. Imagine that TV cameras are on you every moment of your working day. What do you do then? You’d show up! Showing up doesn’t mean showing off, but there is little to be gained by hiding away unnoticed. You can do it, it’s easier than you think.

Pay it Forward We’re all familiar with paying someone back for a good deed that they have done for you. Reciprocity has to start somewhere. Start the outstandingness (new word) by doing something really outstanding without expecting anything in return. Feel how good it is to do something nice for someone just because you can. It’s really powerful. Go on, make someone’s day beautiful today.

Smile Feel great and let the world know you feel great by smiling. A smile is the most potent weapon any of us has to build meaningful relationships. Many keep theirs holstered and rarely see the light of day. Smile, light up your world and those around you. Go on, smile. Do it now. :oD

Being outstanding shouldn’t be a chore, something you have to do. Being outstanding is a skill that we have to sharpen every day. Start now with that million-watt smile.

As top coach Tony Robbins says:

”You only have to be a little taller than everyone else to be outstanding.”

Have your best week ever


Mervyn Murray is an international Leadership Development Specialist and keynote speaker delivering inspirational talks and workshops across the world.

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