How Not To Get Team Work

I read a lot of advice that is given over to the subject of productivity, team work and effectiveness.We are awash with expert advice in all areas concerning our key disciplines. If we are in Sales, Manufacturing, Finance Oil, Projects, Operations, the messages are similar when it comes to getting more from people.

All of the advice has value, some more so than others, I would suggest. Then there’s the type of advice that comes in small, bite-sized chunks. These, I feel, should come with some sort of health warning!

The type of thing i am referring to is the short, simple list of do’s and don’ts that appear in blogs.(oh, like this one!)

They will give you spot-on advice in a quick and easily digestible fashion, such as:

“Demonstrate you are listening”and:“Nod your head 3 times to encourage the person to speak”

“Use positive body language to re-enforce your message”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the information provided and I would say that it will be very useful to many who read it.

However, the warning that should accompany all such advice is:

“Your team members are not stupid. They will spot a technique that is being used on them a mile off, if you are not careful.”

We can spot when someone is not being genuine with us. It is very easy to advise someone in the arts of body language, however it is enormously difficult to execute them with grace and elegance.

My advice if you want to increase collaboration?

Be sincere. Everything else flows from this.

Serve the requirements of your team. Ask them what you can do to make them more productive.

Tune into what you really want from individuals and what they want from you.

Hold regular team meetings where their views are shared openly and acted upon. (key point)

As someone once said:

“The key to success is sincerity, if you can fake that, you have it made!”

Have your best week ever

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