How To Get Rid of Zombies

This is the time of year when we “celebrate” Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve where kids dress up as ghosts and ghouls or zombies and ask “trick or treat?”

However, I have noticed that there are lots of zombies at work. People who are just going through the motions, not engaging with the work and are cynical about anything management tries to implement.

Cynicism creates an environment of hostility, sapping people’s energy and draining any creative spark. Customer service suffers, employees want to get away (when the right offer comes along) and managers just don’t have the skills to change what’s going on.

Initiatives abound in these organisations, in a vain attempt to change the atmosphere. There is little chance of success with these because there are inconsistencies from the words into action. (Tip: People listen more to what you do, than what you say.)

Here’s The 5 C’s of getting rid of zombies:

Your Goal: To brush away the past and create a better future Focus on the situation, not the person The 5 C’s Consistency in Vision and values “This is why we’re here, what we’re all about and why it matters” Deep down, we all want to make a difference, so leverage this need. Communication Listen to everyone Courageous patience Tell people that the game is easy as a spectator! Get people off sidelines and involved in improving the situation Spot people’s growth and trajectory. Notice how far they have travelled and recognise this. Creative Conflict Allow for arguments and creative conflict. Get everyone’s opinion, not just a favoured few. Bring the power of All of Us to your actions. Bring in different angles and keep everyone informed and involved. Coach, not Cop Catch people doing things right and coach them in desired behaviours

I will be delighted to have a conversation with you on this topic or any other topic relating to Leadership and people development.

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