How To Stop A Runaway Horse


My guess is that your team will carry a lot of this negativity into work with them. What can you do when everyone is down?

Look to the coach within you. Now is the time to encourage them, to lift their hearts and minds towards the needed work that must be done.

But, you cannot just cheer people up! If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be any need for comedians. Your team will want to vent their  feelings about the company, the work itself, or the competition (who are always nimble, high quality outfits that do no wrong)

There is an old saying:

The way to stop a runaway horse is to go in the direction of the horse.”

Take the negative energy of your team and use this to get them animated, engaged and enthused about your work, your goals and your achievements.

How to do this?

Get them to consider the very worst scenario for the business. A car manufacturer assumed that the combustion engine was obsolete, for example.

The get them to debate, discuss and deliver the changes required by the team to cope with the scenario.

Brainstorming here may help you and the team to openly come up with every single idea that they have.

Also, you could use The PMI creative problem solving technique. This helps you to discuss all ideas without getting into a fight about “good ideas” and “bad ideas”.

List all the ideas into a pro’s and con’s order by putting them into either:

+ Plus

– Minus

? Interesting

This last item probably needs explaining. Any item on your list that your team cannot make as a plus or minus is slotted into this last item, Interesting.

That way, you don’t get into a fight about it, just that it’s interesting!

Remember: Go in the direction of the horse.

Have your best week ever

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