Leadership Spotlight : Michael Angelo

I have been on holiday this year with the family in Italy, touring Florence and Venice as well as Tuscany. In Florence, I was struck by the awesomeness of Michael Angelo’s work. It has beauty, incredible detail and a vibrancy that is just outstanding. Replicas of his most famous works are dotted around the town of Florence which only adds to his reputation as an outstanding artist and thinker of that age. Some would say that his work survives because it speaks to us throughout the years. From a leadership perspective, here is what I have learned:

The devil is in the detail

If your work is going to be held up to scrutiny by others, then make sure you have the details correct. There is no point in having the broad picture mapped out if it will fall apart in the detail. Big picture is good, however it is the details that bring every project home.

Be big and bold

Michael Angelo’s work is big. I mean massive. I really mean wide-angled and inspirationally huge. He doesn’t do small. Or insignificant. His work is full of detail and larger than life itself. It moves you and you have to move to get it all in. So, I intend my work to be big, huge even. I will turn up and be larger than life and make my work an event that moves people.


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