Leading By Doing Nothing

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Here are some examples:

In a negotiation, y0u are not obliged to react to every offer. You can opt to say or do nothing. Your opponent may want to “fill the silence” and start to back down from their original stance all because you did nothing. This tactic is also termed as aggressive and I would counsel against using this move.

Asking a searching question of your team and then wait. If you do nothing, your team will eventually attempt to grapple with your challenge. By doing nothing you extend the knowledge and teamwork of your staff.

If you are still unconvinced that doing nothing is not really effective, here’s a story for you from Jose Mourinio of Chelsea Football Club. I’ve written about him before, but he is such a rich topic for me to uncover leadership moves, I am amazed more people don’t follow his methods more closely.

Last Saturday Chelsea played Fulham at their home, Stamford Bridge. Chelsea, who are top of the table, were expected to beat bottom-of-the-table Fulham easily. The first half was a stalemate at Nil-Nil and Fulham were holding their own comfortably. At half time, it is customary  for the manager to talk to the team about any adjustments that are required to ensure a win. Most people can rightly assume that Jose would be likely to “lay into” his team and make them aware of their short-comings in terms of commitment and energy etc.

What he did next was amazing. He did nothing. No team talk. No “laying into” anyone. He just said that it was so bad, that there wasn’t enough time during the break to go through everything effectively. Then he left the team to themselves. They had to work out for themselves what needed to be done in the second half. Which they did. To the extent that they ran out winning 3-1 at the final whistle. This is a person who gets paid huge amounts of money to coach and manage the club and he does nothing! Very effectively.

If you want to make your team more effective, try doing nothing.

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