Low Cost Leadership Skills

Low Cost Leadership Skills

Mervyn Murray

I’ve written on the subject of excellence drills for staff, executing and practicing those tasks that deliver exceptional customer service over and over again until they reach perfection. This is also true of Leaders themselves. They too should be “Sharpening The Saw” (Covey) on a regular basis.

Here are some low cost ideas for you to develop your leadership skills.

Join a Charity

Become part of your community, help others and develop your communication skills, everyone benefits. Choose wisely and you can use those skills that you rarely use in a low-risk environment. Join the management team and use all your skills and knowledge to develop and promote the charity. You may even learn new skills that you didn’t think you needed!

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do something that others don’t expect of you.

Some ideas for this include:

Setting a weight-loss goal that transforms your body-shape

Going to a karaoke bar and getting up to sing

Go off to a new town, unplanned

Speak to a stranger, or contact an old friend

Learn a new hobby that has some risk attached (skydiving?)

Learn to play a musical instrument

Join the local dramatics society

Join a speakers club to develop presentation skills

Model The Way

If you are ok with saying “Do as I say, not as I do.” Then this tip is for you. You will get better results if you model the behaviour that you want. If you want everyone to turn up to work on time, be early every day.

If you don’t want to be interrupted, stop interrupting everyone else.

If you want great customer service from your team, seek out examples of great service excellence with your team. And then copy what you learn.

If you want your team to make better decisions, then start asking them searching technical questions when the situation allows. These may be low cost, however they can also be high impact. Drive up your motivation to learn with each passing year, you should have a plan to improve and have a “step-change” mentality to your results.

Take care

Mervyn Murray

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