Making A Comeback: Easter Special


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Regulars to this blog will know that I try to link the issues of the moment with leadership and personal development and this week I’ve been thinking about Easter, which marks the comeback of all time!

The picture is David Beckham, who once had a very turbulent time when he started playing for England and also left Manchester United under a cloud, even Sir Alex Fergusson famously hit him with a boot in the dressing room!

The delightful and beautiful island of Cyprus is currently suffering financial problems and requires support from the EU and others.

Many people and organisations suffer major setbacks to their life and work. Bad things happen to good people. There are broadly two types of people: Optimists and pessimists.

How we are affected by an event in our lives sometimes has more of an impact on our performance in the future than the event itself. Understanding our personal reactions in this area can lead to huge changes of performance at work and in life generally.

There are 3 areas where optimists and pessimists think differently and therefore act differently.

Permanence Optimists think that bad events are just temporary. Pessimists think that bad events will last a long time.

Pervasiveness Optimists think bad events are specific to this situation. Pessimists think bad events undermine everything they do.

Personalisation Optimists think that bad events are brought on by other people or by bad luck. Pessimists think that bad events are their fault.

In summary: Optimists think: “This is temporary”

Pessimists think: “I’ll never get over this.”

We can measure these areas for you and I will be delighted to discuss your needs in this area.

When bad events happen, it is how you think about that event that will determine how you “bounce back” from that event.

Take care

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