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We want mastery at work. This is at the core of our motivation. No, the others don’t include money. If you click here, you’ll read where I explored the subject of money in motivation in an earlier blog.

Having mastery over our work can have different meanings for different people, so here’s a way to slice this subject. There are many other ways to chunk this down, however I have found this method to bring rewards for my clients in many cultures and sectors across the world.

We want mastery over:


That’s the psychological environment as well as the physical. What is the mood music playing in the background when we are making decisions? Will you get the blame if it goes *pear-shaped*?

The over-use of space can drag productivity, squeezing people into small spaces never works for long periods. When *hot-desk-ing* became popular, for all the joy it will bring to accountants, it throws people into a spin because we want to have *our space*, not a communal area that anyone can take.

We want mastery over it Mr. Accountant, get over it and look elsewhere for savings.

Behaviour We want to be masters of our behaviour and to have a positive influence over the behaviours of others. Knowing how we are feeling, thinking and acting that prevents this are key components towards mastery.

Capability This is all about your competencies. Increasing them, broadening the one’s you have and delivering on your capabilities every day in all situations is difficult but needed today. Continuous improvements and changing how you go about your business is key.

Beliefs and Values What are your beliefs and values you hold currently? What one’s are helpful and resourceful? Which one’s are less helpful and drain our energy? Beliefs and values give us the logical rationale for doing something, or putting them off.

Identity When you are at home, you are a parent and spouse. At work you are “in charge” of your area, perhaps.

We are what we communicate and we communicate who we are. If we are commander, then we will communicate this.

Having mastery over all these areas is a fundamental motivator for us when we are at work.

Take care

Mervyn Murray

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