See a PRIEST for Goal-getting Success


With Cardinals electing a new Pope, I have religion on my mind this week. Well, not religion exactly, more like a structure for getting things done.

As a qualified coach, I have been trained to bang on about goals. They are good things, aren’t they? There are many benefits to having a structure that provides us with a way of making sense of our world and bringing fulfillment and achievement. Yet I also know, through my work, that people have real issues with setting and maintaining meaningful goals.

If you are finding goal-setting and goal-getting an issue, then help is at hand!

Instead of thinking about goals, think in terms of outcomes. More specifically, think about well-formed outcomes. Come to think about it, why not have fantastic outcomes?!

What’s the difference between fantastic goals and fantastic outcomes?

A goal is a single step on the road to an outcome and all steps/goals should be easily achievable or you will trip and fall.

Here is a model for setting well-formed (Fantastic) outcomes:

P. R . I .E .S .T.

P= Positive: The outcome must be framed in the positive, as this is more motivational to move towards things we want, as opposed to things we don’t want. Also, there is the power of Focus. If we focus on what we want, then we move towards making that happen. The same is true of those things we don’t want, if we focus on them, we get more of that! R= Resources: What internal and external resources will you need to achieve your outcome? Internal resources will include things such as: Courage, persistence, assertiveness. External resources are: finance, support from Boss or colleagues, and time. I=Initiated and Maintained by you: You are responsible or will take full responsibility from the start to the end, no excuses. E= Ecology Check: Who else will be affected by this outcome? Will there be other benefits for others? Will there be any downsides for others, during or after a successful outcome? S= Sensory Evidence: During and on completion of the outcome, what will you see, hear and feel? This sensory based objective-setting moves you powerfully towards a successful result. T= Time: How long will this take? How much of your time will this take up? What will you put down to make room for this?

Don’t Do Goals? Then see a Priest!

Have your best week ever

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