Thanks and Gratitude


This is the time of year when we get all warm and fuzzy towards people, especially those who are near and dear to us. I want to publicly acknowledge the people who have , in some way or another helped me, motivated me, supported my efforts, cheered me on and kept me honest.

In no particular order I give thanks and gratitude for:

First up, it is you dear reader of my blogs. I thank you and am grateful for your feedback, insights and support. I feel compelled to improve my writing because you deserve my very best.

My customers and their clients, who unravel my “sarf landan” (South London) accent with Google and smile sweetly at me, even though “malarkey” doesn’t compute in any language.

My Twitter and http://www.mervyn.murray.WordPress.comfollowers who click through to read my blogs @mervynmurray. This micro-blogging site has opened new challenges for me this year, thanks!

The tireless airline staff looking after me on those long and tedious trips, always with a smile. (Not always smiling, but I cannot blame them)

Ditto for the hotel staff, especially The Millennium Plaza Dubai, for their fantastic service.

To the geeks who make the techie stuff I take for granted and allows me to turn up to a training session without any of the usual pens, gizmos and materials, because it is all there in electronic form, from whiteboards to flash drives and iPods.

To the guys and gals down at Lets do Business Group who make sure new business start ups get the best platform possible to be a success.

My administrative support teams who always know what to do when a client issue crops up when I am away training in a far away land. Also, for their patience as they explain something to me for the tenth time.

To the clients who taught me how to greet another man with a kiss in The Middle-east! I found myself talking in a very low and manly voice for hours afterwards.

To the client who held my hand while we talked through an issue he was having. I’m from Brighton and I’m glad this cultural move was just being friendly, if you know what I mean.

My ex-boss Joe, who went out of his way to help me with superb feedback, delivered in a way that made me sit up and take notice.

To my new friends such as Kevin Ibrahim at Europa Quality Print that I have met this year and intend to keep for many years to come, I feel blessed.

To Jeff, my mate from Scotland, who keeps me company in far off lands and makes the time to talk, even though he’s really busy.

To Bob Burgee my new US partner, who has developed  a great product for people and teams to get to know each other and dramatically improve relationships at work. Shameless plug:

To my old and trusted friends who have been supportive, kind and listen to my stories politely.

To my new customers who will come on stream in 2013, I can’t wait.

To Alfie, who makes me smile every day. For a small dog, he packs a lot of character in there.

Finally to Jackie, long-suffering wife of mine. She prepares me, keeps me sane and ensures I have just enough for every journey I take. For the stupid appointment times she has to keep on Skype just to make sure I’m ok.

Take care

Mervyn Murray

These days you can find me on:

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