The 10 Most Stupid Things You Do As A Manager

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I’ve been a manager since the nineteen-frozen-solids but the lack of awareness that some managers show still surprises me. Given the lack of time and resources managers are saddled with, I really shouldn’t be that surprised and so in an effort to support busy managers here is my top ten list of stupid things you do.

10. Stay in your office all day This is such an obvious no-no that it shouldn’t need any explanation, however so many managers stay in their offices all day, leaving the vital work to others that there should be a sign in every office that says: “Get up and get out of this office as often as possible”

9. Do all the team talks If you like standing up the front as much as I do, then this should be a warning to you that you probably should think about delegating some of the team talks to your direct reports more often.

8.Tell people what to do, even though they already know You are always short of time and you have high standards. This combination will drive your team crazy as you are always in “tell-mode” when “delegating”. If they have been with you for any length of time, they will already know what to do Boss.

7. Blame your team when things go wrong

The buck stops with you: did you not know that?

6. Catch all the mistakes Many busy managers think that it s their job to catch all the mistakes. Let me correct this. Your job is to create an environment where people are working, achieving and moving towards excellence. Mistakes are common for people who do a lot of work and are trying out new things, IE being creative and learning. Catch all the mistakes and you will produce a team that only learns that if they work too hard, then you will catch all their mistakes. It’s better not to do too much work under those circumstances.

5.Reprimand in publicNever ever do this because the person will never ever forgive you. Do it in private and when you are calm and not angry.

4.Say No to customers That goes for both internal and external customers. I have a belief that the word “No” should be banned in all organisations so that people have to treat everyone with more respect and thought in their day-to-day interactions.

3. Punish instead of Discipline People break the rules. When it happens, many managers think that the disciplinary process is there to punish. The problem with this is that managers tend to set themselves up as Judge, Jury and Executioner. If that’s the case, you are an Employment Tribunal waiting to happen.

2. Use Sheep-dip Training Large organisations have lots of people that need training. The organisation identifies the training needs and the gaps that should be filled. Then they send everyone off to be trained. Also known as spray-and-pray, they hope that something, anything, sticks.

1. Run appraisals once or twice a year If you are doing this, then your conversations are too late to affect current performance. The best you will get is the training needs of the person. Managing performance requires regular and frequent meetings and once or twice a year won’t get you the performance increases you need for success.

Have your best week ever

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