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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

In one of the funniest and most remembered scenes in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker and his team effortlessly move past The Dark Lord Guards by using a “Jedi Knight Mind-Control technique” just by telling a lie and stating it as a fact. It’s funny because of its’ simplicity. It’s also funny because of the gullibility of the droids guarding The Dark Lord.

We all want to more persuasive, don’t we? We would like to be a Jedi in a jam and smoothly make our way to success using the sort of mind-control required to get people to do exactly what we want them to do. That would be great, but people just really aren’t that compliant in real life, unless we were to hypnotise them. That doesn’t seem to be either ethical nor practical.

There is research that more than suggests that people will be more persuaded by certain approaches and whilst this comes as no surprise, what is surprising is that we are ALL persuaded by these approaches. Like any approach, you encounter the law of diminishing returns when it is over-used. If you always use the same approach, people will know this and take action to avoid or ignore.

Here are some tips if you would like to be even more persuasive.

Getting people to attend If you are running an event and you want more people to attend, let them know that time is running out and that there are only a few tickets left. Obviously, the event must have a compelling benefit for people to attend……

Become a subject matter expert If you want more work as a freelancer. Become known for something and people will gravitate towards you.

Up your appearance If it looks like a duck and walks like one, then it probably is a duck. Look like an expert, walk like one and talk like one and you will be seen as an expert.

Believe your message If you have to give people bad news, you will have the temptation to “get this over with, as quickly as possible.” You may think that everyone will believe you when you speak, however they are most-likely to be sceptical of your message because of your inner-need to skip to the end. You will have the need to persuade people that things will get better than they are now. Take some quiet time to access your feelings when you are about to give bad news. Align yourself inwardly with your message. If it doesn’t feel right to you, change the message until it does. In this way you will show your team that you are aligned to your message and they will be more persuaded by you.

We can’t be a Jedi Knight, however we can become an expert in persuasion.

Have your best week


Mervyn Murray is an international Leadership Development Specialist and keynote speaker delivering inspirational talks and workshops across the world.

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