The Gift Your Team Rejects

The Gift Your Team Rejects

Have you ever been paid a compliment at work and then ‘batted’ it away by saying something like: “I was only doing my job.”?

We are brought up to be humble. There is something distasteful about someone who is boastful. You make sure that you are deferential to any authority. That’s perfectly reasonable but there is a catch: People don’t hear “Thank you!”

Even when it is delivered with sincerity, people deflect a ‘thank you’ away with well-rehearsed lines, built over many years of humility and service.

What can you do?

Think of a compliment as a gift.

Someone has gone out of their way to pay you a sincere compliment. Let’s face it, that doesn’t happen every day, now does it? And yet, what do we do? We decide that we are not worthy of accepting this gift. Why else would we deny ourselves the pleasure of accepting a sincere compliment? So, when we pay a compliment to our team members, they may well decide to reject your gift. All for perfectly reasonable reasons.

Be more specific.

One of the main reasons why people do not hear “Thank you” is that the feedback is not pin-point as to why you are saying thanks.

Detail your reasons for saying thanks.

Don’t just say “Thanks.” Even though you mean it.

Say, “Thanks for doing this report. I really like your recommendations. They are spot-on.” You are more likely to get a positive response.

Giving recognition for good work is central to outstanding Leadership and motivation of your team. Make sure you get this “Spot-on.”

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