The Leadership Trap

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The Leadership Trap The Leadership Trap is a familiar story of success and then fading results:

Senior Management want results across a number of areas and you are the one who is going to deliver these results, year after year. If not, you will have to be creative in your excuses, I mean reasons, for non-performance. As the years go by, this task becomes harder as results begin to plateau and the competition are coming up on the rails to overtake you.

You know in your heart, that results would be better, if only your team was of a higher quality so that they were more empowered to take up the challenges they face without referral to you over everything. You can’t be everywhere all the time and this constraint is hurting the business at a fundamental level. You know it. Some of your team know it, but don’t know how to broach the subject with you. In a perverse way, this scenario is good for the leader. Why? Because the ground is fertile for real and lasting change. I mean step-change, not the incremental fluff of budgets and reports. It is time for huge change. No other type of change will do, given the scenario above. Otherwise, the momentum of your competitors will sink the business.

In today’s fast-moving culture, Organisations need to increase the effectiveness of its’ people and teams through developing their skills, decision-making and operational knowledge. Often, there is no option (no budget) but to try and do this “on-the-job, rather than theory-classroom-based-learning.

Here are some steps you can take to break out of incremental thinking (The Leadership Trap) and get into step-change thinking.

Discover what the very best are doing in your market sector, even if this means touring other countries. Get out there and discover “the best of” and then learn what it is they do well, that you can replicate.

Everyone knows about SMART goals, but this way of goal-setting never really changed the world. Think Big goals. Think about a goal that would really be outstanding and amazing, then you can start work on how to get there.

Bring your team onboard with your ideas and go on a journey of discovery, learning and achievement.

Your drive and passion will carry people with you as you move through the gears to deliver outstanding results time and time again, whilst developing your team along the way.

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