The Ryder Cup & Leadership

Teamwork Wins Even when the US team was beating Europe in the first two days, it was obvious that the Europeans were more of a team. Whenever a teammate needed a second opinion, their partner was there to help. When they needed an arm around the shoulders after a bad hole, their partner provided it. This was less obvious for the Americans.

Inspiration as well as Perspiration Their Captain Olazabal used the inspirational imagery of Sevy Ballesteros (recently deceased) to drive performance onto a higher level. Players talked of asking: ”What would Sevy do in this situation?” When faced with a difficult shot. The players attributed the win to their “inspirational Captain, Olazabal” afterwards.

The Game is Played Mainly in The Mind Golf is one of the most demanding sports because, 98% of the time, you are not actually playing anything at all! You are only over the ball 2% of the time, the rest of the time you have to talk yourself into a loss-making shot or to believe that you cannot win.

It is certain that these players believed that they could snatch the win, because they are a team of talented individuals, but also because their minds were clear about what they had to do.

So, develop a high-performing team, inspire them to superior performance and be clear about the targets each one has to achieve. Simple!

Have Your Best Week Ever!

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