The World is Flat

If you want to get people’s attention when presenting, then a great way to do this is to open with a thought-provoking statement. The presenter then went through a classic presentation on her view of the changes that she had noticed since she started in the world of work.

She even used a great model to do this:

P.E.S.T.L.E. Political In her case, Nigeria is now a democracy having been in a military dictatorship. People want to be consulted more on the issues that affect them. Economic Oil has transformed the economic landscape for her country, both now and in the future. Social 40% of the population are aged 25 and under, the implications for jobs, resources, and the social fabric of Nigeria are still being digested. Technology The Internet has revolutionised communication around the world. Nigeria needs to deliver accessibility for all to reap the rewards of higher productivity this could bring. Legal Managers are becoming more and more held to account through the courts when they do not adhere to employment, health & safety legislation, for example. Environment An environmental disaster in Nigeria is now a disaster for everyone on the planet. Why?

Because it seems that the world is flat!

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