Valentine Special: Love Your Team

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This week is Valentine’s Day on Thursday, the 14th. It is the time of year when we show our love to our nearest and dearest. Flowers and chocolates are the weapons of choice.

How about loving your team this week? It won’t cost a fortune and you won’t have to take them home either!

Here are 6 tips to show your team some love:

Check the Environment

A good clear up of the office will work wonders for people’s mood and they will appreciate your time and trouble to make things nice and neat. More productive too, sweet.

Senior Management Feedback

Get the big cheeses out to praise your team. Everyone gets a kick out of this one! That’s another win/win.

Prize for Great Service

It doesn’t have to be big, but make it meaningful. Give one when someone shows heroic performance, perhaps in the face of daunting barriers.

Hand Write Your Notes

Emails have little to no value and are forgotten quickly. Your personal touch will be remembered for years, trust me.

Team Huddle

At the end of every day, get the team in a huddle to recognise and energise for tomorrow. They will love you for this.

Bake a Cake

People appreciate the time and trouble you have taken to bake a cake. Buying a supermarket cake and serving up is ok, but you are better than that. They will love you even more.

Loving your team doesn’t have to be difficult. Just requires some thought on your part.

The Self-Serving Part

If you would like to have a guilt-free no obligation conversation regarding the development of your people, I will be delighted to hear from you.

Take care

Mervyn Murray

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