We Are All Nairobians Now


This week is different. This week I’m in Nairobi taking a group of UN officials through their leadership paces. My energy and enthusiasm for the event has been replaced by an awareness of the dangers all travellers face. The day before I fly, an unknown number of people, maybe 30+, have been killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi.

I don’t know what the week will bring but I feel grateful for the advantages I have in the UK , even though we have suffered our share of outrages in the past.

I count my blessings even more this trip and resolve to give more of myself to others in future.

I travel with other brave souls to this fair city and my thoughts are with the families of those loved ones who have been cruelly ripped from this life.

My problems, if I have any to speak of, are very very small right now.

I was in London the day of the terrorist bombings on The Tube known as 7/7.

The messages of condolences from around the world came thick and fast. The message that brought me to tears was from Spain:

“We are all Londoners now”

Hug a loved one today.


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