What Has St George Got to do with Leadership?


Today (23rd April) is the day when we celebrate all that is English with St. George’s Day. We celebrate him because he represents everything we like to think of as the virtues of being English. Famous for his dragon-slaying skills, George embodies the courage and discipline of all of us that are English, or so we like to think, anyway.

St. George and Leadership?

Every country has a day when they celebrate being a country, whether it is Independence Day or another landmark in their history. Here is an open invitation for Leaders to allow people to celebrate this event within the context of work and harness the benefits of doing so at the same time.

The power of shared experience. Getting everyone together to share the experience of being one team, with a common aim (of enjoying being the same nationality, in this example) can be a powerful reminder for all of us of the strengths that we all bring to the organisation.

The organising, the conversations leading up to and the event itself can be a lasting memory and become part of the story of your organisation, or your part of the organisation.

Celebrating being part of something bigger than all of us means that we can put our differences to one side and just take part in something positive to build bridges and cement new alliances at work.

I am reminded of how powerful the London Olympics were for everyone. The usually reserved nature of Londoners was overtaken by the enthusiasm and energy of the London Volunteers where strangers would talk to each other about The Olympics. People even felt it appropriate to announce results on The Underground!

Getting people together for a shared experience is a leadership issue, feeding into staff engagement, loyalty and motivation.

Happy St. George’s Day everyone!

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