When Negotiation is Like a Pint of Guinness

When Negotiation is Like a Pint of Guinness

Making the right call, the big ones usually and dealing with tricky situations and negotiations are part-and-parcel of a leader’s skill-set. Everyday you will be needed to make the call on issues that affect the running of the organisation and its’ future wellbeing.

There are usually many options available to you when negotiating these issues.

They are to negotiate from a position or negotiate from interests.

Taking a Position when Negotiating

We usually take position when negotiating when we are in a position of strength and know that the power lies within ourselves. Our opposite number has fewer options to sway the positive outcomes of the negotiation.

Negotiating from Interests

Delivering a positive result through negotiating on interests requires both parties to accept that collaboration is the best way forward. The *win/win* approach.

  1. Establish a Goal

Good negotiating requires a clear goal.  When negotiating from interests, the goal should be framed and understood as an interest.

2.         State Your Goal Clearly and Openly

When starting the negotiation it is appropriate to be open and clear about your interest(s).  This allows each of the parties to pursue his/her own interest whilst helping the other party to achieve theirs.

3.         Understand and Show You Understand the Other Party’s Interests.

Use listening/summarising skills to prove you understand the other party’s interests.  Build options for a solution from their interests where possible.

4.         Adopt a ‘firm-flexibility’ approach

Be firm on achieving your interests but flexible and imaginative as to how this may be possible.

This is usually viewed as an idealistic way of approaching effective negotiation in the real world of commerce and I have some sympathies with this way of thinking.

There are times when you will be required to remain silent, say and do nothing in order to resolve complex issues. Sometimes, a tricky situation just needs time to settle, just like a pint of Guinness!

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