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Next Level Training UK is dedicated to the skills and capacity development of everyone. As a Social Enterprise, 50% of all profits go towards our social goals in Africa. We will do this through training, coaching and mentoring online and in-person. We deliver this through our excellent Next Level Training ZB team.

We want to take this moment to thank all our supporters for getting us to this exciting point in our journey.

Our story is only just starting.

Our Values

We love developing people

Our word is our bond

Everyone has the potential to reach their goals

Trusted Partners

Next Level Training ZB are a Public Benefit Organisation, the equivalent to a Social Enterprise in the UK, so you can be assured that any commitment in time & money is spent wisely. We are working closely with them to bring the needed skills & knowledge to deliver increased economic development and employment opportunities.


Next Level Training was birthed during a conversation in 2018 between Joseph Mwila & Mervyn Murray where they explored the possibilities of starting an organisation to bring a structured development approach into Zambia. Joseph is the leading figure behind many initiatives in Zambia to bring lasting change to the circumstances of Zambian citizens.

To give more background into the great work being done in Zambia, below is an excerpt from Axiom-e, who have supported Joseph & his team for many years now

Zambia 2050 is one of the initiatives of Dayspring Ministries International ('DMI'), a registered public benefit organisation based in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. and headed by Apostle Dr Joseph Mwila and his wife Pastor Lilly Mwila.

Zambia 2050's ambitious initiative is to develop entrepreneurs and provide business and leadership skills, in order to boost the economic standing of Zambia and help to ease the burden of poverty.

Based in Kitwe but seeking to work across Zambia, Zambia 2050 is focused on:

  • Raising the next generation of Zambian leaders

  • Supporting young Zambians in starting up their own business

  • Challenging people to think differently and work together to improve Zambia’s economic, financial and community well-­being

In common with those in many sub-Saharan countries, many entrepreneurs in Zambia have the initiative to start new ventures, but lack the skills, tools, and support to succeed.

Initiatives include:

  • The inaugural nationwide Business Plan Competition was run in 2015,

  • Axiom-e developed  the  four-day course The Pillars of Business Success for Zambia 2050 and ran it in Kitwe in 2017. Since then we have been invited to speak at their annual conferences and to develop other elements of business support.

  • A two-day Annual Conference is run in September each year with experienced businesspeople mixing with and giving ideas and help to those starting up in business.

We are currently producing short videos and articles on topics that will help current and would-be entrepreneurs and businesspeople to enhance and consolidate  their skills. Ken Dickson's latest article, about Zambia 2050 and the POBS course, has been published by Faith in Business Quarterly Zambia 2050: challenging the status quo via business.

If you would like tosponsor the programmeor providebursaries to young entrepreneurs, please visit our page onsponsoring opportunities..

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