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Win £1,000 Worth of Training I’m feeling generous again. Here’s another quiz with £1,000 worth of consultancy, coaching or training up for grabs.

I meet a lot of successful managers from various parts of the world. There are certain topics, which I can guarantee people’s undivided attention. The subjects I’m talking about are those such as psychology or when giving feedback on individual’s performance.

Then there are topics, which I can guarantee are a turn-off for experienced managers.

Time Management Most successful managers will only admit to handling their time effectively and don’t need the training. The evidence they have is a powerful one, their success.

The trouble with this attitude is this:

Their people suffer from poor time management because their manager has poor time management. They are unable to manage their own time because they respect their manager too much to tell them.

On top of this, because this is too elementary for them, no attention is paid to time management when there are new initiatives or tasks to be done by their team.

Many change programmes fail due to this one factor alone. Time management has not been addressed from the planning stage. How basic and unavoidable is that?

I have written before about the most effective time management tool that busy managers think they do well, which I know and can prove they don’t do well.

If you think you know what that effective time management tool is I will give £1,000 worth of consultancy, coaching, training to the first respondent. (Travel excluded)

First winning response email out of the box gets the prize.

Good Luck!

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