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Felix Baumgartner is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper. He set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres, reaching an estimated speed of 1,342 kilometres per hour, or Mach 1.24, on 14 October 2012.

What an event! An estimated 8m people watched the live stream event in another record for the internet. What a fantastic way to deliver a world record, literally from the very edge of space. What can we learn from this from a leadership perspective?

Use The Latest Technology

Felix used the very latest tech, from his spacesuit, to the pod attached to his high-tech balloon. Telemetry fizzed and sparkled to ensure that every record he broke could be checked and verified, without any glitches. Technology moves with lightening speed and so does the changes required within organisations to capitalise upon their use. Without the latest technology, you are falling behind those that will.

Commit 100% of Yourself

Ok, he does dare deviling for a living, but he still has to commit 100% of himself to every event. Without this commitment, he would have perished long ago. It takes a very special person to believe in themselves to this degree. Nice job, Felix.

Comfort Zones make you ordinary

Stepping outside that comfortable area will make for extra-ordinary achievements. If you want to be outstanding, then stepping off the balloon is required.

Call To Action:

Commit Yourself 100% to your organisation goals, now!

Recognise where your comfort zone limits are and push them out!

Have your best week ever

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