Your Appraisals Don’t Work, Probably


What does an appraisal mean to you?

This may seem a funny question, however it strikes at the heart of why appraisals don’t work. If appraisal time is a time when you have to shoe-horn this activity into the daily work-life of your department, or that appraisals are those things that HR have deemed we HAVE to do, then the real reason you have appraisals is lost on you.

The symptoms of an organisation that has forgotten why they have appraisals are:

Managers aren’t trained for it

Managers do not prepare for it

Mangers use Appraisals to remind staff of past mistakes

Staff don’t have the time to prepare for it

The paperwork MUST be done on time (or else)

There is no link between the Appraisal and Organisation goals

The Appraisal Process isn’t measured

It is hardly surprising that a Training Specialist (me) is banging on about how training will change your organisation performance, however I think that training is only part of the intervention here.This has more to do with communication and feedback, back up through the organisation than about training.

Leading and managing is about knowing your team and individuals. The more you know them, the better you understand them the more effective you can be to motivate them.

Developing a central strategy for developing people takes time, commitment and communication right through the organisation.

Using competency models to develop people in their roles from recruitment through performance management will enable managers to measure a person’s progress within a framework that is relevant, meaningful and targeted at individual.

The Self-Serving Part

If you would like to have a guilt-free no obligation conversation regarding the development of your people, I will be delighted to hear from you.

Take Care

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