Your Computer Isn’t The Answer


(Warning: self-serving blog)

Organisations and companies, both large and small, struggle with strategy. They know what strategy is, what it will do for them and the organisation, but they don’t reap the rewards that a good strategy will bring. There are many reasons for this, here are just a few:

Too many changes to direction Not involving enough people in the changes required for success Not having a goal that everyone agrees with Change isn’t easy and it’s scary too

The “Big Four” consultancies have built their reputations (and profits) on delivering robust strategic change to large organisations that usually involves the installation of complex computer technology to deliver the results of the organisation.

This strategy involves lots and lots of investment in technology, training in the technology and updating it when new technologies come along. It baffles me how a Board of Directors pass such expenditures in the hope that this will cure all of their problems.

After all, it is just a change in methods, albeit with the fancy names with which new technology usually arrives. That’s a lot of investment in time and money on a hope that a change in how you go about things will deliver exceptional results. These initiatives (Business Process Re-engineering) usually sink into oblivion because of their complexity and ownership of the initiative changes when the initiators leave and then it dies.

There are so many examples of large change management initiatives failing, that it still amazes me that organisations will embark on them with all the enthusiasm of a puppy.

If this isn’t the answer, then what is?

You can get your organisation to deliver exceptional results and I can show you how, through your people and their performance. They already know the answer, it is laying there, dormant, waiting for someone to bring this out.

If you care about building a lasting business, developing people’s capacity to deliver change and have the power to make those decisions, feel free to give me a call.

Until next week, take care.

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